Frequently Asked Questions about AWS

We've recently migrated our platform to AWS (Amazon Web Services). We've answered some of your key questions below:

Q. When did the migration take place? 

A. The migration took place on 16th November 2020


Q. What does this change mean for me? 

A. The majority of customers won't need to do anything. You will only need to make changes if your technical team has whitelisted our IP addresses.


Q. Has the data location changed?

A. The location of your data remains unchanged. All data will still be held in the UK.

Q. Can I still send messages in the normal manner after the change?

A. Yes, the way you send messages from the platform won't change. You will only need to make changes if your technical team has whitelisted our platform's (API or Messenger) IP addresses. 

Q. Will the pricing change?
A. Our pricing will remain the same.

Q. Do I have to change my API?
A. Most customers will not need to make any changes. However, if you are set up to receive API information from us, e.g delivery receipts or inbound messages into your own API endpoints, your technical team may have whitelisted our platform's IP addresses. In the circumstance, you will need to add our new IP addresses:


Q. What were the old Textlocal IP addresses so I can locate them in my firewall? 

A. These are the old IP addresses we used to use. They should have been updated after the AWS switch.


Q. I’m using TLS 1.1. Do I need to update?

A. As a result of our migration to AWS, we are now using TLS 1.2 as default, but still allowing TLS 1.1. If you are using an older TLS version, you will need to update.

Additionally, a number of customers have reported SSL certificate errors. Our SSL certificates are provided by Digicert. If you have experiencing SSL authentication errors, we suggest you check your Certificate Authority (CA) Bundle, to ensure it's up to date.

These are the IP address ranges for each end point on our platform. You may need to add these to your firewalls, if your technical teams require it.

- / / /

- /


- outbound requests from Textlocal platform (inbox forwarding, delivery receipts, sFTP reports):

Q. I am a Whitelabel Reseller of Textlocal. Do I need to update my DNS entry? 

A. Yes, your technical team will need to reduce the TTL of your DNS entry for the Whitelabel version of Textlocal down to a minimum in the lead up to the migration. We suggested doing this around the 8th November and keeping it that way until 16th November. You will then need to have changed the DNS entry from an "A record" to a CNAME. The CNAME will need to point to


Q. As a Whitelabel Reseller, do I need to update the SSL certificates? 

A. No, the Textlocal team will handle the migration of the SSL certificates. 

Q. Will there be any disruption after the switch occurs? 
A. No, the switch happened out of hours to prevent as much disruption as possible.  


Q. What happens if I send a message during the change period?

A. The migration was managed so that any messages sent during the period would be processed correctly. There may have been a small delay in some messages being processed, but this will be kept to a minimum.   


If you can't find the answer to your question here, the team are here to help. You can reach the support team at